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Only IRC offers military and aerospace systems design engineers this comprehensive range of proven-reliability MIL-qualified resistors and resistor networks, including TaNFilm® precision chips and networks in a variety of MIL-STD packages, thick film chips, cylindrical surface mount resistors, plus through-hole wirewound and film resistors.  Our in-house MIL test facility offers complete reliability testing and failure analysis; while our application engineering team provides the support you need for your most challenging designs.  IRC also offers a complete range of COTS and high-reliability devices for the most stringent military environments.

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MIL-qualified resistor
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Download individual MIL-qualified datasheets:

MIL-chip Series precision chip resistors [PDF]

1900 Series TaNFilm® precision DIP resistor networks [PDF]

4700 Series TaNFilm® precision SIP resistor networks [PDF]

CCN Series TaNFilm® precision chip carrier resistor networks [PDF]

FP Series TaNFilm® precision flat pack resistor networks [PDF]

SON Series TaNFilm® precision leadless resistor networks [PDF]

RN Series precision film resistors [PDF]

RLR Series semi-precision wirewound resistors [PDF]

RL Series semi-precision wirewound resistors [PDF]

RBR Series precision wirewound resistors [PDF]

MIL-PRF- 49462
CMH Series high-voltage film resistors [PDF]

RB Series precision wirewound resistors [PDF]

View all IRC MIL-qualified resistor networks

DESC 87017/18
CCN Series TaNFilm® precision chip carrier resistor networks [PDF]

Gullwing Series TaNFilm® precision SOIC resistor networks [PDF]

MCHP Series surface mount cylindrical power resistors
DSCC 85083, DSCC 87057, DSCC 95011, DSCC 94048, DSCC 95006, DSCC 94047

AFD DSCC Drawings
DSCC 87012, DSCC 87013, DSCC 87014, DSCC 87015, DSCC 87016, DSCC 87017, DSCC 87018, DSCC 87025, DSCC 87033, DSCC 87064, DSCC 88016, DSCC 88020, DSCC 94015, DSCC 94016, DSCC 01033, DSCC 02010, DSCC 06018, DSCC 07017, DSCC 07018, DSCC 07019

Seen in the Media:

Click here for the latest press releases on IRC’s MIL-qualified resistors

IRC’s thick film resistors meet MIL-PRF-55342 R level requirements [PDF]

IRC offers both RoHS-Compliant and lead versions of product offering [PDF]

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