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Bond With The Best.
TaNFilm® wire-bondable resistor and capacitor chips

IRC offers its proven tantalum nitride thin film technology in ultra-miniature silicon or ceramic-based wire-bondable die, providing space savings, precision and reliability that thick film chips can’t match – at prices that keep your designs competitive.

• Single chips, center-tapped dual chips, networks
   and capacitors
• Resistor chips at 20 mil square; two-resistor networks at
   30 mil square
• Multiple contact pads for shortest available wire bond paths
• Resistance values from 10 Ohms to 1M Ohms;
   tolerances to ±0.1%; TCR tracking to ±2ppm/°C
• Capacitance values from 10pf to 1000pf in sizes from
   20x20 mils to 60x60 mils
• Custom designs, pad layouts and network configurations

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